A passion project


and project with passion

That sums up this Aussie born, now Napa Valley resident, roll up her sleeves grape farmer and winemaker – Donna Katz’s foray into the land of brewing these legit fermented hard ginger beer gems.

Donna’s combined her fermentation knowledge and healthy lifestyle to diligently create these hand crafted and decisively clean, wonderfully flavorful, plant based and organic hard ginger beers, that are also vegan and gluten free. G’s hard ginger beers have zero sugar, zero carbs and absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or additives.

Donna Katz, g’s Founder | Brewer

Donna Katz, g’s Founder | Brewer

After trading commodities for a decade in the UK and the US, Donna followed her heart to the Valley to connect more with the land. She found a small property with a block of old vines that she dry farms organically with her own two hands. Named after her father, who introduced her to the wonders of wine - Jack’s Vineyard holds a very special place in Donna’s heart and life, and she firmly believes that it is a gift to be able to care for and give back to the land.

In G’s hard ginger beers, Donna is creating a category that looks to launch a new drink trend. High quality, available beverage choices that are clean, have real flavors, boast enchanting aromatics, fewer calories, moderate ABV and that taste awesome! 

Yes, G’s hard ginger beers are the new ginger beer to have. And with the additional versatility of complimenting your fave mixed drinks and fine cocktail creations.