Variant Series


Inspired by Vintage Poster Art and Live Music

I've always had a bit of a love for vintage poster art. They're clean, full of bold colors, capture a moment in history with an embedded story, and in a way that’s uniquely expressive, often even more so than a photograph. They are an artists expression, as well as a piece of art.

Variants in the poster world refer to the shift from the norm with the addition or swapping of colors. We like to embrace the variant concept by experimenting with fermentations that incorporate real ingredients and the bounty of mother nature. They are a shift from our main line of Ginger Beers, tell their own story, and equally capture a seasonal or unique moment in time.

Continuing in that theme, the artwork for G's Variant Series labels are inspired by poster art that depicts lifestyle moments such as travel, concert, movies or food & beverage. With that, please do come on G’s storytelling journey, and check out our Variant Series

Wild One - Fermented with fresh Mint & Lime


Spring 2019 - Only 20 barrels brewed (150 cases)

The first in our Variant Series. Wild One screams Spring, with its bursting aromatics of fresh mint & lime, and a refreshing and clean, lasting palate. You‘ll delight in enjoyment, and enjoy with delight!

Wild One takes influence from a vintage Tahoe poster, that showcases all the beauty of this Northern Californian Lake and Mountains, shining abundant sun and the sense of clean Spring air.


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Summer 2019